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Mink/Willy DeVille

Critic Thom Juric about him, „His catalog is more diverse than virtually any other modern performer. The genre span of the songs he’s written is staggering. From early rock and rhythm and blues styles, to Delta-styled blues, from Cajun music to New Orleans second line, from Latin-tinged folk to punky salseros, to elegant orchestral ballads—few people could write a love song like DeVille. He was the embodiment of rock and roll’s romance, its theater, its style, its drama, camp, and danger.”
sursa: wikipedia

cadillac walk

spanish stroll

stand by me

demasiado corazon

hey joe 🙂

storybook love

it’s too late (s)he’s hone

… si multe altele; pentru deville e nevoie de mai multe episoade 🙂


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