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Monthly Archives: august 2010

Stanislav Secrieru:

newsweek russia prezinta integral proiect de document intitulat ”program pt utilizare sistematica eficienta a factorilor externi pt dezvoltarea durabila a rusiei”. la prima lectura se pare ca este un draft pt uz intern, pe linga aspecte stiute in cercuri academice, unele pasaje pe china, germania si alte sunt f sincere si directe.

proiectul elaborat de mid-ul la indicatiile presedintelui, acopera relatiile bilaterale si multilaterale si expune succint cam ce doreste rusia sa atinga in fiecare caz. la capitolul romania sunt urmatoarele obiective:
– To promote the consolidation of Russian business in strategic sectors of the Romanian economy, especially in the energy sector, ferrous and nonferrous metals, including through participation in the ongoing privatization of state enterprises in Romania.
– Enhance cooperation in gas sector, including Russian gas transit through the territory of Romania, the construction and use of underground gas storage facilities on Romanian territory.
– Promote the implementation of joint projects in energy, including: the participation of Russian companies in the reconstruction and modernization of the Romanian electricity generation capacity, operating on the Russian (Soviet) equipment, the construction of gas turbine CHP plant in Romania, a new generation, followed by sharing; connection Russian Companies to participation in the construction of a second nuclear power plant in Romania, the establishment of transit of electricity supply through Romania in third countries.
– To facilitate the conclusion of a bilateral agreement on protection of intellectual property, parallel to seeking an early solution to the problem of production in the Romanian military products under license from the former USSR.


blurred vision, another brick in the wall (hey ayatollah, leave those kids alone!)

The 1979 song, which was released in the same year as the Islamic Revolution, has been reworked by two exiled Iranian brothers.
Roger Waters, a founding member of Pink Floyd, gave the rights to Blurred Vision, a duo living in Canada, to remake the classic under the title Another Brick in the Wall (Hey Ayatollah, Leave Those Kids Alone).

p.s. titlul este extras dintr-unul dintre comentariile la acest video de pe youtube.