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constantin si elena, andrei dascalescu, 2008


sans toit ni loi (agnès varda, 1985)

poate v-ati saturat de lumea asta plicticoasa si rea, poate doar vi s-a facut de altceva;

sau poate ati vazut capodopera deceniului si, fie ca v-a placut si visati la o lume mai buna si mai interesanta, fie ca v-a ingrozit entuziasmul celor din jur in fata unei timpenii colosale si va ginditi ca poate n-ar fi rau sa o rupeti cu asa o lume bizara si sa recladiti, in izolare sau impreuna cu alti entuziasti, un univers mai fascinant

daca aveti masterul in filozofie aveti sanse sa va recuperati cindva de pe drumuri, sa va intemeiati o familie undeva la tara, sa cresteti capre si sa faceti brinza destul de proasta, sa aveti o nevasta uritita de munca multa si grea la care nu va prea pricepeti niciunul si o droaie de copii murdari si usor retardati, pe care o sa-i invatati sa gindeasca liber daca o sa aveti timp; insa veti putea fi mindru ca v-ati pastrat sufletul si familia neatinse de cancerul consumismului

insa daca s-a nimerit sa fiti o fata tinara, revoltata de mizeria si compromisurile in care se complac cei din jur, pornita sa isi ia lumea in cap pentru a nu participa la asa o farsa, aveti toate sansele, dupa o calatorie interesanta, sa sfirsiti singura, abuzata, nemincata si moarta de frig pe un cimp al carui pitoresc si magie de zona viticola frantuzeasca le-ar putea aminti unora de lumea extraordinara imaginata de cameron

el sol del membrillo (victor erice, 1992), un film cu si despre antonio lópez garcía; un pictor spaniol contemporan incearca sa surprinda cit mai realist razele soarelui de septembrie strecurindu-se printre frunzele gutuiului din gradina sa, sa captureze cumva senzatia gutuilor luminate de soarele de toamna din pomul plantat de el cu citiva ani in urma

filmul complet (cu subtitrare) aici:

Little Murders, 1971, Alan Arkin

You all know why we’re here. There’s often so much sham about this business of marriage. Everyone accepts it. Ritual. That’s why I was so heartened when Alfred asked me to perform this ceremony. He has certain beliefs, which I assume you all know. He is an atheist, which is perfectly all right. Really it is. I happen not to be, but inasmuch as this ceremony connotes… an abandonment of ritual… in the search for truth… I agreed to perform it.

First, let me state to you, Alfred… and to you, Patricia… that of the 200 marriages that I have performed… all but seven have failed. So the odds are not good. We don’t like to admit it, especially at the wedding ceremony… but it’s in the back of all our minds, isn’t it? How long will it last? We all think that, don’t we? We don’t like to bring it out in the open, but we all think that. Well, I say, why not bring it out in the open? Why does one decide to marry? Social pressure? Boredom? Loneliness? Sexual appeasement? Love? I won’t put any of these reasons down. Each in its own way is adequate. Each is all right.

Last year I married a musician who wanted to get married in order to stop masturbating. Please, don’t be startled. I’m not putting him down. That marriage did not work. But the man tried. He is now separated, still masturbating… but he is at peace with himself… because he tried society’s way. So, you see, it was not a mistake. It turned out all right.

Now, just last month I married a novelist to a painter. Everyone at the wedding ceremony was under the influence of an hallucinogenic drug. The drug quickened our mental responses… slowed our physical responses… and the whole ceremony took two days to perform. Never have the words had such meaning. Now, that marriage should last. Still, if it does not, well, that’ll be all right.

For don’t you see, any step that one takes is useful, is positive… has to be positive because it’s a part of life. Even the negation of the previously taken step is positive. That too is a part of life. And in this light… and only in this light… should marriage be viewed as a small, single step. If it works, fine. If it fails, fine. Look elsewhere for satisfaction. To more marriages, fine. As many as one wants. Fine. To homosexuality? Fine. To drug addiction? I will not put it down. Each of these is an answer for somebody.

For Alfred, today’s answer is Patricia. For Patricia, today’s answer is Alfred. I will not put them down for that. So what I implore you both… Patricia and Alfred… to dwell on while I ask you these questions required by the state of New York to… legally bind you… sinister phrase, that… is that not only are the legal questions I ask you meaningless… but so too are the inner questions that you ask yourselves meaningless. Feeling one’s partner does not matter. Sexual disappointment does not matter. Nothing can hurt if you do not see it as being hurtful. Nothing can destroy if you do not see it as destructive. It is all part of life… part of what we are.

So now, Alfred… „Do you take Patricia to be your lawfully wedded wife… to love…”whatever that means… „to honor… to keep her in sickness, in health, in prosperity and adversity…” What nonsense! „Forsaking all others…” What a shocking invasion of privacy. Rephrase that to more sensibly say… „If you choose to have affairs, then you won’t feel guilty about them.” ‘As long as you both shall live…” Or as long as you’re not tired of one another.

– Yeah.
– And, Patsy… „Do you take Alfred to be your lawfully wedded husband, to love…” That harmful word again. Could not one more wisely say…”communicate”?
„To honor…” I suppose by that it means you won’t cut his balls off, but some men like that. „To obey…” Well, my first glance at you told me you were not the type to obey. So I went to my thesaurus, and I came back with these alternatives. „To show devotion, to be loyal… to show fealty, to answer the helm, to be pliant.” General enough, I think, and still leave plenty of room to dominate. „In sickness, in health…” and all the rest of that gobbledygook… „so long as you both shall live?”

I do.

Alfred and Patsy… I know now that whatever you do… will be all right.

To Patsy’s father, Carol Newquist… I’ve never heard that name on a man before, but I’m sure it’s all right. I ask you, sir, feel no guilt… over the $250 check you gave me to mention the Deity in the ceremony. What you have done is all right. It’s part of what you are, part of what we all are. And I beg you not to be overly perturbed when I do not mention the Deity in the ceremony. Betrayal, too, is all right. It too is part of what we all are.

And to Patsy’s brother, Kenneth Newquist… with whom I had the pleasure of a private chat… I beg you feel no shame. Homosexuality is all right. Really it is. It’s perfectly all right.

Son of a bitch.!

Oh, it’s all right. Really, it’s all right.

[All Yelling]
– Hitting people is all right.

[Kenny Yelling]
– Police! Police!

It’s all right. It’s all part of life.


Really, it’s all right. Beautiful.

[All Yelling]

Police! Police!

Faggot! Faggot!

– All right.
– Faggot!

It’s all right. Really, it’s all right.

si trailer-ul:

probabil v-ati obisnuit in ultimii ani cu lansari fastuoase ale filmelor fratilor coen, cu primiri entuziaste din partea criticii si a publicului; nu e cazul anul acesta; filmul ‘a serious man’ a fost lansat de citeva luni bune si, iata, nu se intimpla nimic; de ce? pentru ca fratii coen au decis de aceasta data sa faca un film ca la inceputuri, un film de care te poti indragosti sau sa il poti uri ca e prea lung si tezist si fara vreo actiune sau idee clara sau nobila; un film care sa nu incerce sa te cucereasca, un film cu adevarat nonconformist – ce poate fi mai nonconformist in ziua de azi decit o poveste evreiasca in care eroul principal este ortodox, relativ credincios, bine intentionat si are bunul-simt sa nu priceapa ce i se intimpla, iar regizorii, cunostintele, vecinii si rabinii din chibut nu par mai destepti sau mai lamuriti decit el asupra subiectului?

si trailer-ul:

paris, texas – 1984, wim wenders
uscaciunea desertului si bluesul deltei sint cele doua fete ale unui suflet pierdut

imagine: robby muller, muzica: ry cooder – filmele de genul acesta fac sa fie extrem de importante un proiector si un sistem audio performant in casa fiecaruia 🙂

ry cooder

filmul este ascuns in sufletele actorilor; de aceea, mike leigh utilizeaza metoda socratica pentru scoaterea sa la suprafata: se inchiriaza o casa, o masina si un mic restaurant; se iau citiva actori talentati, se poarta discutii libere in fata camerei, se gatesc aiureli si se imagineaza intimplari; timp de citeva luni se improvizeaza enorm; se retin gesturi, nuante ale vocii, ticuri verbale si o multime de povesti auzite sau inventate; incet-incet, se realizeaza implantul de personalitate; mama este harnica, optimista, voluntara, tatal are initiativa, dar este usor influentabil si nu prea inteligent, iar copiii au defecte serioase de personalitate – una din fete este altruista, optimista si se crede baiat, cealalta este cinica, nesigura pe frumusetea si inteligenta ei, uraste capitalismul, mincarea, barbatii, parintii, sora si prietenul; un film la care rizi si plingi in acelasi timp, iar impresia de real este coplesitoare

life is sweet, 1991, mike leigh